Our friendly dentist, Dr. Thomas M. Kiefer, strives to preserve the health and comfort of your smile. Unfortunately, at times the most effective way to restore your smile to its optimal health is a tooth extraction. While we strive to keep your natural teeth healthy and strong, dental extraction—or the removal of a tooth—can become a necessity when:

  • A tooth becomes impacted, or stuck in the jawbone
  • A tooth is overly crowded
  • A tooth has been seriously damaged, infected, or injured
  • A tooth has died

After a tooth extraction, our team will gladly offer you a dental restoration to complete your smile. Depending on your needs, our dentist may recommend a dental bridge, implant, or dentures.

Tooth extraction is also commonly used to remove wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are usually removed to prevent crowding, or if the teeth have become impacted in the jaw, regardless of whether the teeth have partially erupted or not erupted at all. Unlike many extractions, a restoration will not be necessary after a wisdom tooth is removed.

If a tooth extraction becomes necessary, our dentist will work carefully and gently to ensure that your experience is as pleasant as possible. At our office, we use the Ögram System for tooth extraction, which you can learn more about by visiting their website. If you are interested in tooth extraction or in removing your wisdom teeth in Marathon, Florida, please feel free to call and schedule a consultation with us today.